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Sustainable Income (SI) investing – Looking After Your Spouse

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Spire Platform Solutions was formed to focus on the creation and development of innovative and disruptive financial services products and technology. Our goal is to deliver solutions that improve outcomes and meet real needs. The first of these developments was the launch in 2019, with our partner Just Group, of their Secure Lifetime Income product.

Our aim is to develop and modernise financial products and services to make them meaningful, relevant and appropriate for today, not yesterday.

Within our business we have focussed on combining a diversity of skill sets and thinking. Over the years one tends to see the world through your own life experiences and knowledge. At Spire Platform Solutions we have an exciting cocktail of talents and backgrounds that enable us to look at problems differently.

  1. Collaborative – We build open and trusting relationships.
  2. Authentic – We walk our talk and take responsibility.
  3. Sustainable – We make a long-term positive difference to people and organisations.
  4. Excellence – We create value through insight and innovation.

At the heart of
our business
are our
common values

the board

Chris Read

Chief Technology Officer

Chris has spent his life owning a business that develops innovative financial services technology.

Trevor Cheal

Chief Strategy Officer

Trevor has worked most of his career in Wealth Management and Stockbroking and for many years ran a Discretionary Fund Manager.

Peter Ellis

Chief Executive

Peter has historically worked in the insurance industry and has in-depth knowledge of risk management and longevity.

Adrian Boulding

Chief Innovation Officer

Adrian is an Actuary by trade and one of the best known Pension experts and commentators in the United Kingdom.

Paul Turner

Non-Executive Director

Paul is Managing Director of Retail at Just Group.



We see our role as helping others to develop their business, product and services for today, not yesterday.

The first of these developments has been our partnership with Just Group, one of the United Kingdom’s leading Annuity providers. We have worked together to develop an innovative and modern guaranteed lifetime income product that optimises the rules set out in Pension Freedoms.

Additionally we have ensured that it is ‘modern’ from a technology and servicing perspective. We have partnered with Novia Financial, a leading wealth platform, to deliver this to Financial Advisers for use with their clients.

Working with like-minded people

The term Partnership is a word that is often used when in reality one is a client of the other.

At Spire PS we see a Partnership as working with like-minded people, with the same core values to achieve a mutually beneficial goal.

Indeed during the development cycle of our initial offering to market we have collaborated with Just to hone our thinking and ensure that the new solution ticks all of the necessary boxes, including some that may not have been so obvious had we worked on this in isolation.

We both had a common objective and belief in what we were trying to do, to provide the end client with the best possible outcome.

So our Partners are companies and people that we find inspiring, these include not only Just but also Dunstan Thomas and Novia Financial.

Our Secure Lifetime Income Partners

Latest Development

For today...
not yesterday

For the last few years we have been hard at work developing a new and innovative Retirement Income solution with some of our Partners. The product – Secure Lifetime Income – has now been launched by Just and is available on the Novia Financial platform.

The Retirement Income marketplace is certainly one of the most interesting since Pension Freedoms radically changed how people can access their pension. The market, however does not seem to have kept up with these changes.

Spire Platform Solutions have teamed up with Novia Financial plc, the investment adviser wrap platform and Just Group plc, the leading provider of retirement income products to bring to market a truly innovative Guaranteed Lifetime Income product for the retirement market – Secure Lifetime Income (SLI).

For many retirees the traditional annuities are no longer ‘fit for purpose’, compromised by inflexibility and an inability to evolve in response to regulatory change. As a result, they are often overlooked as components of retirement income planning, despite offering the certainty of income that many clients are looking for as their retirement journeys play out.

SLI has been developed to address these shortcomings. SLI still offers an income guaranteed to be paid until death and is still underwritten to optimise the level of income achieved - but, importantly, SLI is designed to be held as an asset of a client’s existing SIPP, will provide a meaningful payout on early death and, uniquely, offers an early encashment option if a client’s circumstances change.

SLI is designed to sit alongside traditional invested assets within a SIPP wrapper providing a guaranteed income underpin whilst forming part of a portfolio that reflects a client’s individual income needs, risk appetite and capacity for loss. Just like the income generated by those more traditional assets, the income from SLI can be taken or left within the SIPP wrapper.

Adrian Boulding observes:

“Since Pension Freedoms the market has moved away from using annuities. SLI puts guaranteed income as the foundation of retirement income planning. This is very much in line with Retirees’ requirements and demands.”

If you would like to find out more about Secure Lifetime Income then please contact us.


Latest news and views

One of the benefits of working with Adrian Boulding, one of the UK’s leading pension commentators, is that he has a lot of really interesting things to say.

Not only will we be capturing all of the latest Spire PS news, Adrian has also created a series of educational pieces entitled 'Sustainable Income investing' which we hope will stimulate thought around the difficult issues that people may face while investing in retirement.

Spire Platform Solutions does not provide advice and does not advocate any particular investment solutions.


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